Decluttering Your Life: March 🏡

I gave away, donated, and a few of these items needed tossing in the trash.

  • 6 kids games, this includes un-opened fast food game and board games we don’t ever use. Or had missing parts.

  • 25 of Jo’s clothes that no longer fit. 

  • 36 stained, extras, old and don’t fit anymore of my clothes.

  • 2 pair of sneakers

  • 3 purses, 1 gym bag, 1 toiletry bag.

  • 5 random coloring pages (i.e. grocery store coloring sheets, kids menus)

  • 2 pillow cases + 7 sheets (fitted and flat)

  • 1 little metal dish that sits around and collects dust

  • 28 birthday and Christmas gift bags. 10 Christmas bows. I guess after every birthday I hoarded these. They were mostly crushed in the bin or severely wrinkled.

You can do it!!

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