Moving Walls Pt. 4: Master Closet

Finally. We are done moving walls!

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Our last house boasted large closets in almost every one of the four bedrooms. Two of those were walk in. I would say that our master closet was 8′ x 10′. Don’t let me get started on the 5 other large closets that were throughout the house. Closets the likes of which Northwoodians have and will probably never see (except on other turf).

If for any reason you feel compelled to envy. Don’t. Be compelled to feel sorry for us.

Imagine trying to move out of there after 6 years with growing babies, pets and life. And in to what we expected to be less than half the space. Because… you have to know every single closet was filled to the brim.

Can’t lie though, it was mighty good therapy. Like making the house extra tidy, but to a level I never want to experience again!

I am so grateful for our minivan. In it I made innumerable trips to donation sites with kids in tow. At the time Ryan was traveling 5 nights a week, when he was around the last thing on his mind was helping me purge. 

Thankfully, our marriage survived it.

For a while after we moved in to Northwoods, Ryan would ask, didn’t we have this or that thing?Yes, maybe. I would answer. Ahem, and go about my business.

Truth is, I am sure I threw a few things out in a most demented manner, I just wanted it all gone. 

I am so glad I did. We did not comprehend then what downsizing really meant. We’d lived in 1,500 square feet before but that was with 1 kid.

PLEASE hear me out. This is no condemnation on bigger spaces. I long for Professor Digory Kirke’s house, Downton Abbey and Pemberley. I imagine myself walking miles down endless halls with the echo of my heals and long flowy gown as my companion. No logical explanation needed. The kids hiding in closets the size of caves, and maybe loosing them for a few days. Wishful thinking. 

But… we came to pretty quickly.  

Reflections aside:

When we first purchased our little ol’ ranch house there was not a defined master bedroom. One of the rooms is slightly larger than the rest but it is definitely not a noticeably larger room.

At one point we considered making the master a larger bedroom but then we decided not to. That would mean going into the yard we love so much. Or adding another level which would cost us another house. 

Fortunately, all the rooms had wide and spacious enough closets. But we got greedy!

Since we were not going to get a new master bedroom, we took it upon ourselves to define the master bedroom by making the closet larger than the rest.

The byproduct of the larger master closet was reclaimed negative space. This allowed us to get rid of sliding doors in all the bedroom, and create open space that became more functional.

Another way to explain it would be that the closet doors went from 60″ wide bypass doors needing constant clear floor space in front of them, to 24″ wide pocket doors gaining useable wall space for furniture and beds.

Here is what we did:

We took one of the kid’s bedroom closet and we made them share it!

Genius, eh?!

The closet above was roughly 68″ wide x 22″ deep (all 3 the closets measured about the same), so we split it into two separate spaces.

This way each kids room would preserve a closet. The closets now measure 34″ wide x 22″ deep. Brain splitting math, I know… 😉

So, the kids still have a closet each but it’s more the size of a large wardrobe, like this:

Well… we took the closet in the bedroom next door. The boys room.

You can see the lines on the floor of the original closets that backed up to each other. We took, what was the boys room closet and we tied it in with the one in our room, like this:


Below you can see the mirrored glass doors. Don’t you love it? (being facetious) I know they are typical of the houses of this time frame, but aren’t they a pain in the rear end sometimes?!

And really  I am not obsessed with looking at myself in the mirror, especially first thing in the morning 😱

Master Closet After:

We do not have a dresser in our master. We are still trying to get used to and figure out how to best organize the closet
My take away from this picture: I need to grow up and get real ladies purses. Ha!
Far left in the hanging space holds longer clothing, i.e. dresses and dress coats. No space for gowns, bummer!

Our master closet is definitely the largest closet in the house now. Yay!

Are you hater of wire shelving? Does it make you cringe?

Fact is, this type of shelving is cost-effective and flexible. It is strong enough to hold shoes and clothes. Also the removal and re-configuring of it is easier than wooden custom shelving.

It is not the nicest to look at but I am glad to know we can change it easily without burning a hole in our pockets. I can’t imagine investing in custom built-in closet style stuff because it seems like our needs have changed with every kid and at every stage. One day maybe. 

Ryan designed it all and re-configured it all. He did a pretty decent job. 

I am curious though 🤔

I would love to hear what you’ve done with your little space to maximize it

♥ Best wishes updating your little ol’ treasure! ♥

Helen and Ryan

Read our updated About page: I share more about how the stars aligned and we got to be in this awesome neighborhood