Saying Goodbye to Our Allie Girl


On Mother’s Day of 2005, I asked for a dog.

Sort of.

I think it was more that I gave in to my husbands constant nagging for a fury family member, but regardless we went for it.

Our oldest was one and a half and in that sweet wobbly walking age, so why not?…

Is it a written rule to get a puppy when you have wee little ones?… I am sure somewhere it is….

Kinda like a new car and a new house. Right…

That year, I told several people in our lives I’d gotten a dog for Mother’s Day. You can imagine the reactions were varied. Most came with a hard cold stare, or with a good chuckle.   

So that was Allie Compton. She was the sweetest most loving bundle of energy.

We were smitten. 

Saturday morning we woke up and she was gone. She was almost 13. A long time to live for a dog. 

Being completely aware this day would come soon, we’d been trying to get mentally prepared for the day our girl would leave us.

Try as hard as you may, nothing prepares you to say goodbye to a faithful friend. 

She was in the house most of the day Friday, as usual, and the kids were loving on her. She was in the yard playing like her normal self just a few days before.


I am grateful we did not have to see her suffer, she was always in optimum health.

I am grateful for the dog that patiently watched us grow as a family, and was just there, keeping us company all the way through.


 Almost 13 years of having her in our lives, it’s gonna take a while to get used to her not being around anymore. 

Without a doubt in my mind, she did more for us than we did for her. Whatever good or bad we may have had with her were all worth it. I feel like I am a better person because I got to experience having her as part of our family.

Love, Helen

The responsibility, patience, selflessness, and commitment that comes with having a dog makes us stronger, all-around better people – Emily Wang from Barkpost





Author: ComptonEst.03

In 2013, our family of five purchased a 1953, 1140 square foot ranch. This is our journey to make our 60 year old house into a more comfortable forever home.

6 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to Our Allie Girl”

    1. pinsforthewins thank u. I couldn’t help think how do people do this.. it is so hard,,,, I’ll never get a dog again… truth is we got so much love from them it’s worth it ten times over


      1. I have honestly found dogs just fill a place in your heart you never knew existed. I think every dog I have ever had has made me a better person. We learn so much from their love

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Fur Babies hold a special place in ones’ ❤️🐾.
    I am saddened to hear of your loss.
    Allie has crossed over the rainbow 🌈 bridge but will always be in your ❤️.
    My prayers are with you guys.


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