Thinking About my Mami

Caught a sweet break this Mother’s Day weekend at Saint Simons Island.

I spent a lot of my time taking pictures of our kids playing with my new camera. And breathing in sweet and salty air. I know it’s not sweet, but it was sweet to my soul.

I also spent a lot of time reflecting. I couldn’t help thinking of my mom this past week. Not just because it was Mother’s Day, but it was her birthday too. 

I was thinking on some things I need to get better at home. I probably spend way too much of my energy on this. I wonder if all moms deal with the same struggle.

Constantly re-arranging schedules and chore charts. Making, and making again, to-do lists. Sigh…

One thing I need to work on more is my lack of cooking. I am coming clean friends, we are eating out too much.

I have this dreamy idea of cooking. As if it should be easy and always enjoyable in every way. For all that are involved. Rarely does that happen. I should now better.

I was remembering when we first married, Ryan was the cook (I am not saying the following to discredit the accolade I just gave him). He was recently out of college and hamburger helper beef stroganoff  was not gonna cut it for me until death do us part!

Maybe I was set up for failure from the beginning. Having grown up with a hispanic mom that was deeply and still is, deeply dedicated to her home. She would cringe when I would beg her for food from the frozen food aisle or for some lunchables. 

Sometimes she would reluctantly give in.

I never saw a more hard-working momma.

She managed the home like a well tuned machine. Keeping a home clean is no easy task, and without fail most days she had a nicely cooked meal made from scratch. 

She just had a way of prioritizing her home to a level I could only wish to reach one day.

Here are a few things my mami has made for us that we love: 

Even now, the thing I look forward to the most, besides her company, is her cooking. When I told her I was coming to visit her in Honduras last Thanksgiving, one of the first things she said to me was that she couldn’t wait to cook for me.

She loved us well, and that was her special way of showing it.

So I try. I can’t say I will ever be as dedicated.

May has come and is almost gone. I hope you have sweet memories of your mom.

They may not be.

I just hope that you long to one day be and show your own, whether the two-legged or four-legged variety 😉 what true mother hood should look and feel like.


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Author: ComptonEst.03

In 2013, our family of five purchased a 1953, 1140 square foot ranch. This is our journey to make our 60 year old house into a more comfortable forever home.

3 thoughts on “Thinking About my Mami”

  1. Truth in every word!! Thank you Helen for such special reminder about mom. 😘❤️And oh boy!!! Is her cooking good!!! Even Rafael has said he liked it. 😡(And I hope for his own sake that he won’t say “better than yours”. Lol.) It’s an honor every time he says so. 😁😍

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