It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Spring 🌺

And we are kinda ready to start on the garden. Ryan and I were talking about starting it this weekend. We waited till after Easter last year. We feel like it was too late.

What are your thoughts?

Garden in need of love. All three beds are pretty pathetic right now

I’m glad Allie is soaking it in

lookin’ rare


almost there: medium

I think this died:

I kept reminding myself I needed to move the hibiscus in doors. A few friends have told me it will survive. Those winter days of rare warm weather threw me off kilter. This was one of the only places where the hummingbirds would stop and feast. 

We’ve probably killed hundreds of these bugs. They started invading the house through our master and we’d had enough!

first time dealing with these critters

Last year the fig tree gave us golf size fruit. It was wonderful. I hope we can do a better job of keeping the ants away. They ate a good bit of them before we could. 

fig tree is back

This hydrangea is a clipping from Ryan’s great Aunt Sarah’s house. She has the BEST garden in Chamblee. She was an urban homesteader before it ever became popular.

hydrangea is back

T making sure the apple tree is still there. I look at the trees and wonder if they’ll ever produce? I am so impatient. 

apple trees second year


Allie is way too distracted looking for the buzzing sound. She loves to chase down the bumble bees. No matter how many times I tell her she’s a bad puppy her hunters instinct is full force. 

Bumble bees are some of my most favorite things about the yard. They are so touchy. Territorial really. They buzz and chase each other out of their space. 

I wish I could train them to stop putting holes in the siding.

Okay, maybe I’ve changed my mind. I am ready for spring. 

And the mailbox planter is all kinds of confused.

What are your garden ideas this year?

I’m dying for okra.  We had plenty of tomatoes last year but tomato without okra is almost offensive to me. I love making tomato and okra gumbo. Makes tons and keeps great in the freezer!

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In 2013, our family of five purchased a 1953, 1140 square foot ranch. This is our journey to make our 60 year old house into a more comfortable forever home.

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