Moving Walls Pt. 1: Wishes

Trying to make a space this small for five work is quite a task!

When we purchased our ranch style home I was traveling and would not be back in the country for 3 months. I had not the slightest vision of what the space was really like. I had never walked into it, never seen anything but the outside shell and scarcely remembered even that. But… when we found out this house was back on the market – and with the man I trust most (my husband;-)) still in the states we quickly jumped at the chance.

Old homes are daunting, no doubt. Any home buyer fears running into major issues after the big I do. Still, old homes can be fun treasures waiting to be exposed.

One of the first things we did was look at our existing floor plan and look at the different options we had as far as modifying the layout.

above is the original home floor plan from 1953

A few things we felt we needed to modify ~ without making major structural changes ~ was the two front of the house entrances, one in the kitchen (left side) and one by the bedrooms (middle).

old “laundry room” in the kitchen

For us an actual laundry room was needed. One with doors we could close and hide away our dirties.

Perfect pepto pink! 🙂 Say that a few times, its real fun!

Don’t get me wrong. I have no issue with the original pink tile, but it was outdated, and a little dingy. I have a peeve about using hotel bathrooms and this reminds me of a dirty dingy hotel bathroom. Not cool!

Besides the space was a small and tight bathroom for 5 people. So we needed to update and make the one and only bathroom in the house larger.

These were the most pressing needs for our family, that meant we would have to remove and re-build some walls. It was very obvious that while the square foot space was minimal for 5, we had plenty of room to work in some necessities.

Author: ComptonEst.03

In 2013, our family of five purchased a 1953, 1140 square foot ranch. This is our journey to make our 60 year old house into a more comfortable forever home.

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